HGH - Antiaging Breakthrough?
or HYPE?

Recent research suggests that the legendary "Fountain of Youth" may be on the verge of being discovered in laboratories around the world.  In spite of much hype claiming otherwise, the aging process cannot be totally stopped or reversed, but scientists are showing certain aspects of it can be slowed to a significant level, improving one's overall health, and making one FEEL younger.  The aging process is now known to be caused by a combination of several factors, the two most well-studied being:

1) Oxidative breakdown at the cellular level, which leads to DNA damage, and
2) Decreased hormone secretion, including testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and growth hormone, among others.

Oxidative breakdown has now been proven to be slowed by taking nutritional supplements containing antioxidants and other cofactors, such as minerals and phytonutrients (see references).  Likewise, hormone supplementation can slow, and in some cases even reverse, signs of aging.  Of all the hormones that decrease with age, the one most commonly associated with premature aging is deficiency of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

Researchers in aging are becoming more and more convinced that supplementing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients along with hormone replacement is the best way of slowing the aging process and keeping our vitality well into our 80's.  (After all, longevity is not desireable unless it is accompanied by health and vitality.)  HGH research is especially exciting, because studies have shown it to be able to actually REVERSE some of the signs of aging.  Since our body does not secrete this hormone efficiently as we age (although it continues to produce it in the pituitary gland), it cannot repair itself to prevent a breakdown in many of our systems.

This page is designed to share with you the benefits of having higher HGH levels after age 40.

Increased HGH Levels Provide the Following Health Benefits:
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        Increases Bone Density and Reduces Osteoporosis

        Lowers Blood Pressure

        Improves  Libido and Sexual Performance

        Improves Cardiac Function and Cholesterol Profiles

        Reverses Aging Changes in the Skin and Promotes Thicker Hair Growth

        Improves Mood and Sleep Patterns

        Reduces the Risk of Developing Type II Adult-Onset Diabetes

        May Be Helpful in Treating Crohn's Disease

        What Doctors Say About HGH


Increased energy and endurance are the most obvious benefits you will recognize within 30 to 90 days after the start of your HGH replacement therapy. It's much easier for us to recognize that we suddenly have more energy and endurance than it is to recognize that our bones are becoming stronger or that our immune system has been strengthened.  So it is the benefit of more energy and endurance that first manifests itself.

Increased energy and endurance are the results of many of the individual health benefits that restoring, or increasing, our HGH levels can bring about.  Restoring our HGH levels can improve our cardiac system and lung function, we have a greater oxygenated blood supply. The result is more endurance to work or play harder and longer.  If you are active in sports, greater endurance is one of the keys to greater accomplishments.  If you are in the workplace, more energy and endurance are vital to doing your job well.  If you are raising a family, more energy and endurance help you with one of the toughest jobs of all!  If you are retired, more energy and endurance will help you enjoy your golden years to the fullest.  The proven benefits of HGH replacement therapy in improved sleep, memory retention, weight loss, and cardio-vascular functions all contribute to giving us back the energy of our youth and the ability to maintain that energy into middle and old age.

For those who work out or participate in sports, HGH Replacement Therapy has been shown to lead to improved levels of sports and exercise performance.  HGH Replacement Therapy will not, in of itself, increase your skill levels, but it will allow you to work longer and harder to develop those skills in your chosen physical activity.  Currently injectable HGH use is outlawed in amateur competition due to it's anabolic-like activity.  GH releasers are not banned, however, as they are not considered drugs and are naturally found in foods.

Increased Resistance To Sports And Other Physically Related Injuries
Another extremely important benefit for anyone that is physically active, is that as your levels of HGH increase, your bones and ligaments and tendons will be strengthened. HGH regenerates the processes that builds healthy tendons, ligaments, and increases bone density.  This can help you avoid common sports and exercise related injuries due to a weakness in any of these joint and bone related components.   More recent studies have shown that neurologic injuries are also less likely with amino acid supplementation.
The Importance Of Exercise And Diet:
It should be noted that to achieve the maximum benefits that come from higher levels of HGH, you should exercise regularly and have a sensible diet, although some benefits will be noticed even without them.


At puberty, our Immune system functions at its peak, thus providing the greatest resistance to diseases associated with aging and life style.  Doctors now recognize HGH replacement therapy as a powerful, safe, (no side effects) natural method of strengthening a healthy immune system, and repairing damaged, or weakened immune systems.  All of the other health and wellness benefits of HGH therapy also contribute to maintaining healthy immune system by reducing the demands in the immune system to ward off common colds, flu, and other assorted ailments.

Studies by Keith Kelley, M.D. and others, have shown that by replenishing our levels of HGH, our Immune System activities such as: the manufacture of new antibodies, increased production of T-cells and Interleukin2, proliferation and activity of disease fighting white blood cells, stimulation of bacteria fighting macrophages, increased maturation of neutrophils, increased erythropoiesis, and the production of new red blood cells, all increase and intensify.  A strengthened immune system is, perhaps, the most important benefit that HGH Replacement Therapy offers. 


"HGH does something no other weight loss regimen does - it actually recontours the body, melting away fat and building muscle. In many cases, people look like they've shed years away with the fat. Even better, the greatest loss occurs in the deep belly fat, the area that is not only the bane of aging men and women but is most often associated with increased risk of heart attack. In every study of HGH pituitary deficient adults, as well as aging "normal" people, HGH replacement reduced body fat and increased lean body mass. This is unique, in  that most diets result in loss of muscle along with the fat!

In a placebo controlled study at Thomas Hospital in London, of 24 adults with HGH deficiency, the hormone treated group had no net change in weight but they lost an average of 12.5 pounds of fat and gained an average of 12.1 pounds of lean body mass.

A study by Rudman on elderly men between age 60 and 81, found that after six months of treatment, the treated group gained an average of 8.8% in lean body mass and lost an average of 14.4% in fat mass.  The lean body mass included and increase in the bone density of the lumbar spine by 1.6% and the liver and spleen grew by 19% and 17% respectively."

HGH May Be One Of The Most Effective Fat Loss Regimens Ever Discovered
"In a double blind, placebo controlled crossover study of overweight women, HGH therapy caused an average loss of more than 4.6 pounds of body fat, most of this in the abdomen.

In two double blind, placebo controlled studies by David Clemmons, M.D., at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, HGH combined with dieting, accelerated weight loss. All of the people participating in the study were between 35 to 60% over their ideal body weight.  In the studies, which were either for six or eleven weeks, HGH combined with diet caused a 25% acceleration in the rate of fat loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone.  In the 11 week period, the HGH treated subjects lost 30 to 32 pounds, compared with 20 to 25 pounds in the controls.  And while the controls lost muscle along with fat, the treated (HGH) group held on to their body tone."

HGH Controls Obesity
HGH may well prove to be the answer not only in reducing body fat, but also for may of the problems that accompany obesity.  It is well known in human physiology that muscle and fat tissue metabolism are directly influenced by the interplay between HGH, amino acids, exercise, insulin, stress hormones and fats.  Little, if any, fat burning can take place in the presence of high insulin levels, such as those found commonly after eating a meal high in fat or carbohydrates.  HGH may be the answer not only in removing fat, but all the problems that come with it.  The message is clear, if you are obese, there are now, for the first time, proven methods for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and life.

Important: "Most strikingly for health purposes, HGH treatment preferentially reduces abdominal fat that is associated with increased risk of heart attack.  The loss of abdominal fat also has implications for type 2 diabetes, since there is a close association between intra-abdominal obesity and insulin resistance."
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"A Swedish study of 44 men and women between the ages of 23 and 66 who were severely deficient in HGH, found that two years of HGH treatment caused significant increases in the density of the bones that form the hip joint and the vertebrae of the lower spine.  There were increases in calcium, osteocalcin, and two types of collagen, which are markers of bone formation.  The researchers estimate that they have reduced the possibility of fracture so that it now equals that of normal healthy controls."

Another study showed Growth Hormone treatment helps to build bone density and reduces the risk of fractures in pre- and post-menopausal women, as well as those with deficient growth hormone levels. abstract
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HGH replacement therapy does improve cardiac and lung function, two benefits that can help reduce blood pressure.  In studies of HGH deficient adults  HGH replacement therapy reduced diastolic blood pressure by about 10%.

Another way HGH replacement therapy helps reduce blood pressure is by allowing us to exercise for longer periods which will yield weight loss and overall fitness. The benefits of a good exercise program and weight loss, with respect to blood pressure control, are well documented.
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The decline in male and female Libido parallels the decline of HGH released in the body. HGH levels and sexual potency peak during puberty, and decrease throughout manhood until, by the age of 80, 75% of men are incapable of having or sustaining erections.

A clinical study of 302 aging adults showed that HGH replacement therapy improved sexual potency and frequency in 75% of the men.

Interviews with people that use HGH for anti-aging therapy indicate that almost everyone, men and women, had improvement in libido and sexual function.
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Treatment with HGH also reversed heart failure in several studies.  In a 1996 New England Journal Of Medicine Article, seven patients treated with HGH (five men and two women) who had moderate-to-severe heart failure. increased the thickness of the left ventricular wall, enhanced the ability of the heart to contract and pump out blood, reduced the oxygen requirement of the heart, improved exercise capacity, and the patient's quality of life.

HGH replacement therapy improves cardiac function and protects against cardiovascular disease in a number of ways. In studies of HGH deficient adults, HGH significantly improved blood cholesterol profiles, raising the "good" HDL and lowering the "bad" LDL.
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HGH Replacement Therapy is the only anti-aging treatment known that actually makes people look younger!  As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses its firm texture.  In the world renowned study by Dr. Daniel Rudman, elderly men had an increase of skin thickness of 7.1% on average.  A further self-evaluation of 202 people taking HGH for six months showed that two thirds reported improvement in skin texture, skin thickness, and skin elasticity.  Of this same group, 61% observed fewer wrinkles and 38% reported new hair growth.

Patients usually started noticing changes within a few weeks of treatment.  Fine lines vanished, deeper wrinkles receded, and facial fat decreased so that puffs of fat under the eyes evaporated, while the facial muscles that lift and hold the skin became stronger.  Another result is the elimination, over a period of time of Cellulite.

HGH also increases the synthesis of new proteins that lie underneath skin structure.  In animal experiments, it increased the strength and collagen content of the skin. Collagen and elastin are the underlying foundation of the epidermis.  HGH restored the turgor, or bounciness, that is characteristic of young skin, so the skin bounced back  more readily on a pinch test and became better toned, and sagged less.
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In 1996 a team of Swedish scientists discovered why HGH replacement makes so many people feel good.  They found it acts on the brain just like an antidepressant, raising the level of the neurotransmitter B-endorphin, which has been called the brain's opiate.  HGH also lowers the level of dopamine, which is associated with feelings of agitation.  Other reports indicate that increased levels of HGH reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, and build self-esteem and self-confidence.  A 1998 report showed that depressed men have a marked decrease in HGH secretion during the first three hours of sleep as opposed to non depressed controls.  Indeed, higher levels of HGH induced a more restful and sounder sleep.

Three different studies in Sweden, Denmark, and England reported that HGH replacement therapy had dramatic, positive effects on patients suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

In a report by L. Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D. to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in December 1996, Dr. Terry reported that his clinical group of 900 people, 300 or which were doctors, 80% experienced improved attitude toward life, and 67% experienced enhanced emotional stability.

A recent clinical study by Theirry Hertoghe, M. D. showed that HGH therapy decreased depression by 82% and anxiety and low self-esteem by over 70%.
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(The following is quoted from Doctor Klatz's book "Ten Weeks To A Younger You")
"Diabetes Type II (adult onset) is now reaching epidemic proportions in the United States.  The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute claims that there are 97 million people in the United States alone that are Obese!  Your chances of contracting Type II Diabetes is directly related to Obesity! The fatter you are, the greater your risk for developing this form of diabetes.

The major defect in this form of diabetes is insulin resistance, the inability of the cells to use the insulin that is there.  Central belly fat appears to be the major culprit in producing insulin resistance. By eliminating this form of fat, HGH improves insulin sensitivity and allows the body to manage blood sugar more efficiently. The message is clear: if you are obese, there are now, for the first time, proven methods for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and your life."
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Those suffering from Crohn's Disease also stand to benefit from regular administration of HGH. After DrugNews.net revealed the controversy between pradaxa gastrointestinal bleeding and Crohns Disease patients, there hasn't been much good news associated with treatment. However,  according to a study by  Alfred E. Slonim, growth hormone may be a beneficial treatment for patients with chronically active Crohn's Disease.  In his study 74% of those patients improved their scores and all those who were on prednisolone were able to discontinue it or reduce the dosage.

Many of the headlines and much of the copy for this page have been taken from the book "Hormones Of Youth" by Ronald Klatz, M.D.  Most of the studies on Growth Hormone were done using injectable HGH, which has been approved by the FDA for many years.  Growth Hormone Releasers do not put extra growth hormone into the body, they simply allow your pituitary gland to release it's own GH more effectively.  Unlike the injectable growth hormone, no significant adverse effects have been reported from using the releasers.  It is not recommended, however, for lactating and pregnant women or anyone with diagnosed cancer.  HGH does not cause cancer, but there is not a concensus of opinion regarding its effect on those persons, and it would seem prudent to avoid them until more research is published.

(The above information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA.)

We recommend taking the releasers vs. the actual injectable growth hormone because of their better safety profile.  The body will not release an unhealthy amount of growth hormone.

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"The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not
inevitable. We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or
reversed." Daniel Rudman, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine.

"By replenishing your supply of human growth hormone, you can recover your
vigor, health, looks and sexuality. For the first time in human history, we can
intervene in the aging process, restore many aspects of youth, resist disease,
substantially improve the quality of life, perhaps extend the lifespan itself. The
"Fountain of Youth" lies within the cells of each of us. All you need to do is
release it." Dr. Ronald Klatz, Founder and President of the American
Academy of Anti-Aging medicine and author of Grow Young with HGH.

"Growth hormone stops the aging process in the body and reverses many of
the problems that are caused by aging such as wrinkling skin, increased body
fat, decreased muscle mass, increased cholesterol, decreased stamina and
energy, and decreased mental function." Dr. Lawrence Dornan, Member,
American Academy of Anti-Aging.

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