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for Patients with Cancer, Hepatitis C, and Other Immune Responsive Diseases


9th International Symposium of AHCC Research Association

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The most exciting and promising research for preventing and treating dread diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, and even smallpox, lyme disease and anthrax is in the field of natural immune enhancement.  While drugs can work for acute problems, the pathogens can quickly develop a resistance to specific drugs and re-attack the body, often with an increased vengeance.  Drugs also can cause healthy cells to be damaged, resulting in toxicity and weakened immune function.  The body's immune system is capable of attacking and destroying any unhealthy germ or virus that attacks it, without the risk of the organism developing a resistance to it, and without damaging normal cells and tissues.

Because of this ability to adapt to the attacker, the immune system may well be the elusive "silver bullet" scientists have been looking for for cancer, bird flu and other life threatening diseases.  Pharmaceutical companies are just now realizing that immune-supportive medicines are worth pursuing.  The problem with natural products such as AHCC is that they are not patentable.  This, we feel, is to the consumer's advantage financially, but it is sometimes difficult to get the publicity that comes with a new drug introduction, and natural products require more "word of mouth" recommendation in order to become widely accepted. 

Since 1986, the AHCC Research Association has been examining and discussing the effects of AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) on cancer, hepatitis, and ailments involving immune dysfunction.  Research is now underway at more than 150 institutes, including national research centers and university hospitals in Japan and the US. Each year since 1994, over 300 medical doctors and researchers have gathered in Sapporo, Japan for the AHCC Research Association symposiums. 

AHCC has much more research than the similar product MGN-3 from Lane Labs, and the research is independently done, with no conflict of interest among its researchers (the researcher for MGN-3 earned money from each bottle sold).   AHCC, not MGN-3, has been the most popular mushroom-based extract used in Japan and the world today for immune support.

AHCC Facts

    Clinical studies have shown AHCC to significantly increase immune response, activate macrophage activity, NK and LAK cells, increase production of cytokines including TNF-, IFN-, IL-1, IL2, & IL-12.

    Studies show AHCC increases the quality of life for patients with cancer, AIDS, chronic fatigue, and other immune disorders. 

    Decreases viral loads by 85% or more in Hepatitis C patients who took AHCC (Fred Pescatore, MD in NY & TX, and Lawrence Kempf, MD in NY have noticed these benefits in as little as 2-3 months.) 

    AHCC decreases white blood cell reduction and anemia seen during chemotherapy. 

    AHCC is an extract obtained from a hybridization of several species of medicinal mushrooms cultivated in Japan (MGN-3 uses only one of these).  It is derived from a highly specialized manufacturing process allowing for optimal bioavailability (due to its low molecular weight). 

    AHCC has been the subject of some 325 clinical studies conducted at prestigious Japanese institutions such as Hokkaido University, Kyorin University, and Teikyo University. This year, several more clinical trials will be completed at Harvard University, University of California at Davis, Columbia Presbyterian University, Thomas Jefferson University, and NY Medical College. 

    Over 700 hospitals and medical centers in Japan recommend AHCC as part of an ongoing immune enhancement program. 

    Each year since 1994, over 300 medical doctors and researchers have gathered in Sapporo, Japan for the AHCC Research Association symposiums to discuss ongoing research and clinical trials on AHCC. 

    Over 1,000,000 people per month worldwide take mushroom products such as AHCC for immune support. 

    It is estimated that the worldwide sales of mushroom extracts such as AHCC reached over $10 billion (USD) in 2010.

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Ingredients per capsule: 500mg AHCC proprietary blend of mushroom mycelia extract, canola oil, cyclodextrin, silica, gelatin, glycerin.

Recommended servings for serious issues:  12 capsules daily, plus CoQ10 (100mg three times daily) and Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids (1000mg each three times daily)

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