Rife Frequency Generation - 
An Experimental Alternative Cancer Therapy

NOTE:  This page briefly describes an experimental cancer therapy which was first discovered in the 1930's and subsequently was pushed underground, where it largely remains today.  Thanks to the internet, this information is now freely available to the public.  Its inventor, Raymond Royal Rife, was a respected and dedicated scientist who convinced hundreds of medical experts that he had discovered a cure for cancer.  Much of his work has been published in newspapers, magazines and as well as articles and journals.

The History Of Rife Frequencies

In 1920 Rife began his work studying tuberculosis and eventually developed a very powerful microscope which allowed him to study microbes under high magnification.  He soon discovered that high frequency oscillator waves of a specific frequency, called the "Mortal Oscillatory Rate," or "MOR" (a variation of a technique pioneered by Dr. Albert Abrams), was able to literally shatter tuberculosis and typhoid bacilli (much like the famous "Memorex glass" of commercial fame).  Subsequent research helped him determine the MOR's for e. coli, tetanus, chickenpox, herpes simplex, pin worms, stretothrix (fungi), rabies and, since then, about 600 other bacteria and viruses.  Importantly, normal human cells are much more resilient than those of disease organisms, and the frequencies have NO harmful effects on them.  The application of electrical frequencies to the human body has been approved by the FDA for pain relief for over 30 years (as "TENS" units and ultrasound), so it has been tested on humans for many years and proven to be safe.  Of course, the units mostly commonly used are very limited in their frequency generation and are more specific to pain relief, although they may speed healing, according to many doctors who utilize them.

Rife started out inoculating animals with cancer and after their tumors grew he applied his Frequency Generator to shrink and destroy the tumors.  He repeated his tests numerous times before testing it on humans.  In 1934 he opened a clinic where he treated his first 16 human cancer patients who were all deemed terminal.  A special research committee headed by Dr. Milbank Johnson is said to have overseen the research and verified the results, which showed that 14 out of 16 patients experienced a complete remission of their cancers within 3 months and the other two recovered afterwards.  The best treatment protocol entailed a single 3-minute treatment every third day, rather than every day, which allowed the body time to rid itself of the toxins and dead particles of the virus and tumor.

Rife and many physicians continued to utilize his equipment privately with success until their records and equipment were confiscated and destroyed by governmental agencies.  The whole story of Royal Rife is too long to recite here, but may be read in the book The Rife Report: The Cancer Cure That Worked, by Barry Lynes (Click Here for more info or to purchase).  This book documents the names of the doctors involved, as well as the early research and clinical trials.  Much of Rife's work was lost, as he did not keep well-organized, thorough records and many of the notes were apparently confiscated and destroyed.

Genuine Rife Frequency Generators are now available at prices of up to $4,000.

If you wish to read more information on Rife, it is available online at http://rife.org.

NOTICE:  The Rife Frequency CD's originally tested on this page are no longer available due to very poor response from the participants.  Very few study participants followed the instructions, reported back to us, or reported getting positive results.

On a positive note, however, we have received very promising feedback from using a nutritional supplement regimen including AHCC, Biobran, or Noxylane4 along with CoEnzyme Q10 and Vitamin C.  (This nontoxic over-the-counter regimen is what I, personally, would start if I were diagnosed with cancer.)

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