ezRead Electronic Reading Aid

EZ Read Electronic Reading Aid
Read Books on TV!

Cooler than books on tape and way more fun than subtitles, the ezRead transforms your reading material into televised material.  Comparable units cost $600-800!

Simply place the ezRead directly on top of a book, magazine, or newspaper to display the magnified image illuminated and in full color right on your television screen.

The enlarged image makes the text extremely easy to read.
This device is also ideal for reading labels on prescription bottles and more.

It connects to your television in seconds using the supplied video cable.

The size of your television monitor determines the actual magnification of the item -
the larger the monitor, the greater the magnification. 

Images will be magnified to 5.3X on a 14" television, 6.5X on a 17" television,
8X on a 21" television, 10.3X on a 27" television, and 12.2X on a 32" television.
Operates with three AAA batteries (not included) or supplied A/C power adapter.

Retail price is $129.95, our price is just $99.95, plus $5.95 Shipping/Handling!